Sarah-Jane in one word = godsend!

I found Sarah-Jane about 4-5 years ago.  I contacted her to treat one of my problem horses, a young mare on which traditional medicine and everyone else had given up on.  At the time I turned every stone to find anything to help my little baby mare.  And along came Sarah-Jane.

I am happy to say that the day Sarah-Jane laid her magical hands on her for first time, life totally changed for her for the better, totally turned her around.  All muscles were so tight – from TMJ, neck to hamstrings, which made every move and touch was a problem for Chiccara.

After the first treatment Chiccara started to relax her muscles slightly, scared of touch – second treatment she allowed Sarah-Jane to go further and the releases she showed were phenomenal - the rib cage opened up and she made the biggest breath in I have ever seen on a horse, the nostrils become humongous and the complete horse body started to change.

Step by Step she won the trust of the horse which allowed her to release one muscle group after the other.  Chiccara is a late developer, no muscle development at young age, amongst other health issues.  It has been a long road but Chiccara is now a totally transformed horse and after the success on Chiccara, Sarah-jane also treated the other horses of mine and I only can recommend Sarah-Jane to everyone in the highest level, as she has transformed my horses for the better.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Ines Lehmann 

Harvey was diagnosed with recurrent airway obstructive disease. His breathing was very laboured and he could not relax.

I contacted Sarah Jane Saull to give Harvey a Cranial Sacral Therapy session, to help him relax and improve his effort of breathing.

During the session Harvey went into a deep state of relaxation. His muscles relaxed, his breathing slowed down and he was able to do some deep breaths. He stayed in this state for sometime. At the end of the session he was a very relaxed and chilled out horse.

Harvey had a number of sessions and it helped support him through the acute stage of his illness along side conventional therapies from the vet.

I can highly recommend Sarah Jane Saull and Cranial Sacral Therapy. It made a difference for Harvey.

Janet Ball 

I just wanted to say publicly how impressed I am at the difference that you've made to a clients horse that I am the equine podiatrist for.

I've been seeing this mare since June, and my understanding is that you've treated this mare twice this winter.

Well today at the trot up I was so pleased with what I saw; her movement was the best I've seen it. No hop into trot, no winging of the right hind and full stride on her right fore. I was very pleased to see such improvement.

Helen Stowell 
Sharron and Xanth